Shukar Story

Shukar Travel is the story of an ex-lawyer and a designer who fell in love with travelling. Only after seeing the world we got to appreciate the beauty and diversity of Romania.

This perspective enables us to guide you through the real Spirit of our country. In the middle of three dominating cultures, Oriental, Slavic and Western, Romania is a melting pot that still managed to develop its unique identity.

This is what we invite you to discover! A country so eager to step into modernity, yet still holding on to its roots. You will find a surprising mix of modern effervescent culture, living communist mentality and traditional rural communities.


There are probably three things that you already know about Romania: Dracula, Ceausescu and The Gypsies. We re-interpreted this perspective engaging in a new and original point of view.

Enjoy the once in a life time opportunity to safely enter the hermetic gypsy community - flamboyant, musical, colorful and always surprising. We will help you discover the real Man behind Stoker's Dracula character. And there's much more we can offer: old Romanian traditions, legends, vampire myths and even how to protect against them!
Take a tour of Bucharest in an old Dacia 1310 and time travel to a still visible recent communist era !
And If you're still not here, we can offer tailor-made packages to fit every taste!

Romania is The New Place to Be!