Communism and the City

C & C is a project initiated by three friends, a Romanian couple and a Spanish journalist residing in Bucharest.

Our goal with this project is to integrate Romania’s communist past with nowadays Bucharest.

Despite the fact that Romania had been looking for a new identity for the last 23 years, traces of the “golden age” are still present, especially in its architecture.

Our project is not about history lessons or judging communism in general and Ceausescu era in special.

What we would like is to have you as our guests in a city tour – which is more like a time travel – in an old Dacia car, while listening to the songs of that time and chatting about how it was back then.

We may as well have lunch together in an apartment which still preserves its old aspect.

We hope that this experience will offer you a different and significant perspective of the city, not only as an image of its past but rather as a way of understanding its present.


Standard tour

Duration: approx. 3 hours.
Price: 100 euro/tour, regardless of the number of participants.
Maximum, may take part in each tour 4 people.


Optional Extra

Homemade lunch in a well preserved traditional communist apartment served by the owner: 20 euro/person.