Tales of Bucovina

In a world where nations, identities, tastes and customs are becoming globalized, we invite you to come with us in a fairy tale realm, where life is still bound to ancient laws…

Welcome to Bukovina of painted monasteries and old customs, perfectly conserved since pre-Christian forgotten times; The Bukovina of secular forests and of genuine harmony, where people magically integrated the old and the new.

Here you can taste delicious organic food, not because it’s healthy, but because no one ever considered making it otherwise!

Come and let yourself be amazed by the breath taking scenery, meet simple villagers and rural artists! Make road trips on foot or by riding horses! Spend the evening in a fire camp on the rhythms of forgotten ancient songs, and explore your Simple, True and Authentic side!


In a world where identity, taste and traditions are swallowed by globalization, we invite you to join us in a fairytale land where everyday people still live by age-old customs.

Welcome to Bukovina, a place of painted monasteries and old traditions - some even going back to pre-Christian times. Welcome to Bukovina, a place immersed in secular forests where the locals have added a touch of the modern life to the ever-lasting lifestyle.

You will be able to savor bio food, not necessarily because it is healthier, but because it is the only type locals know how to make.

Join us to enjoy the scenery, meet everyday people and rural artists, stroll down or choose to go horseback on country paths and linger the evening away next to the bonfire and old songs. You will true enjoy the authenticity.



- 2 nights accommodation in 4* hotels in Bucharest(H.B.)

- 6 nights accommodation with full board in Eco Guest House in Bucovina

- airport transfer

- transport inside Romania

- horse riding courses

- Bucovina monasteries tour
- 8 days guide



- pottery courses(35 Euro)

- horse and carriage village tour(20 Euro)



- transport from origin country to Romania
(can be arranged separately)

- souvenirs



(9 days, 8 nights) – 770 Euro
(The price is reccomanded for a group of 10 persons)